Our Vision

A world where children, regardless of background, can pursue their dreams, through a greater understanding and appreciation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Our Mission

Ashburn Robotics works to empower people of all ages through hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education. Both by providing and promoting STEM programs and by supporting existing programs, Ashburn Robotics is working to give all children access to a meaningful, STEM education.

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    Nurturing Young Scientists

    Ashburn Robotics seeks to foster the development of young scientists and engineers through hands-on learning of STEM education topics.

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    Supporting Hands-on Learning

    Ashburn Robotics provides project based learning programs and materials to youth, parents, schools and educators.

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    Promoting STEM Education

    Ashburn Robotics works to promote STEM and STEM programs throughout our community by holding workshops and seminars as well as organizing outreach events and participating in community activities.

Our Core Values

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    We Make Stuff

    We believe that the best way to learn is through hands-on, project-based-learning. It's only by investigating concepts for ourselves that we truly learn what they are. At Ashburn Robotics, we recognize the importance of trying things out for yourself and learning through discovery.

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    We Share

    We are thankful to our community for all the support they have given us through the years. Ashburn Robotics is committed to giving back through community outreach events, seminars, workshops and public resources. We work to provide free access to a number of resources for anyone interested in STEM education.

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    We Have Fun

    We have FUN! At Ashburn Robotics, we believe that there is opportunity for fun in everything we do. If you can have fun, even while working hard, you are ready for success.

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    We Work Together

    Teamwork is the key to success. We work together both within Ashburn Robotics and with the wider community to share our knowledge and help support each other. Ashburn Robotics is committed to working together to promote STEM education for everyone.