Geared UP! Wins First Place Inspiration Award

arc_adminAshburn Robotics, FLL, Geared UP!

Team Geared UP! was very excited to be able to participate in the FIRST World Festival as an FLL team. It was awesome to be able to meet all the teams from the other states in the US and also all of the international teams. The opening and closing ceremonies were held in the Edward Jones Dome, which was a great experience. At our booth, for most of the tournament, we showed Craft-A-Bot to the people that passed by as well as our trifolds and 3-D printer. It was a nice experience to meet so many people from different places all around the globe.

At the award ceremony was held in one of the ballrooms at the facility. Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST, also came to speak briefly before starting the ceremony. We hadn’t been expecting to get an award until they called our team name, for the inspiration award. The inspiration award was an awesome award to win in the Core Values category because it shows that we have great team spirit and work well together as a team. The judges really liked our enthusiasm and positivity during the presentation and teamwork challenge.