Teams Helping Teams

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Helping other teams is one of the best ways to do outreach, and we did just that on September 23rd in Richmond. Virginia-DC FIRST held an FTC season kickoff to well, kickoff the season. The kickoff consisted of many workshops and information sessions to prepare FTC teams for the upcoming season. Team Geared UP! Conducted 2 of the various workshops at the event.

We conducted both the autonomous programming workshop and the prototyping workshop. Since we were adept in autonomous programming last year, we decided to share some of our knowledge with our fellow teams. We talked about PID’s (a.k.a proportional integrated derivatives) and different ways to program the autonomous. Meanwhile, the prototyping workshop, was all about different tools used for prototyping and how a team could possibly buy or use them.

During the event, we did not only teach other teams, but we also learned some very valuable information. For example, we learned that we should the 2 cap balls were different sizes, if we did not attend this event we would not have learned till much later on about the size variation and this could have had detrimental effects on our robot design.

The FTC Kickoff event is a great experience for both rookie and veteran teams, and by presenting here, we got Overall, the FTC Kickoff in Richmond, VA was a very exciting and educational event that we will continue to attend throughout our FTC career.