A Shiny New Computer


Last season, we didn’t do a lot of modelling for our robot, which meant we limited the amount of options we had in order to change things in the robot. This also limited just how much we could do while planning out the robot design, as when we did that, we were limited to a certain set of parts and tools, and would have to be careful about how we modified the parts we had.

This season, however, we made the decision to use CAD modelling more frequently, as it would not only help us grow our ability and capability as a team, but make our meeting time more efficient and productive.

Our laptops and desktops, although good for using Dassault Systemes SolidWorks, weren’t quite as efficient or fast as we wanted them to be, in order to model things at the speed we wanted to. As a result of this, we decided that we would buy parts to create a modelling computer. By purchasing special parts for the computer, we would be able to create a machine that would be capable of using the modelling app much faster and smoother than on our other devices.

When the day came where we started to build the computer, we knew it would be a long project. However, for the most part, the build went well, and we didn’t have any trouble with putting parts together.

However, once we got to where we were about to wire up all the fans, we realized we had a slight problem. The motherboard we had purchased for the computer only had space for one fan port! Due to this, we had to take a trip to Microcenter to buy a fan controller.

In the end, we bought a touch screen fan controller, which we were able to see the information for all our fans on. The controller also had a thermometer, which means that in the future we’ll be able to monitor the temperature inside of the computer.

To our surprise, the computer turned on our very first attempt to boot it up!