Food and Clothes Drive


As the 2015-26 recipients of the VA Inspire award, we believe that we should give back to the community, which is why we are hosting both a food and clothes drive at our schools and local workplaces. We contacted our potential locations and asking if they would be willing to place one of our donation boxes there.

We decided that we would center our food drive around our local schools and grocery stores, where people can easily donate. We decided that we would base our clothing drive around local businesses. To begin our project, we compiled a list of local businesses that we believed would be able to help us out. We reached out to the elementary schools that we went to, because we’ve learned from our past experiences that younger students show lots of enthusiasm towards community service and helping others out. For our clothing drive, we decided to place our boxes in our parent’s workplaces.

Then we estimated the amount of boxes we needed, based on the amount of feedback that we received. We then finalized the letter that we would send to interested businesses and schools, and began to assemble our boxes. The design for our boxes was simple. We chose a light blue color to cover the cardboard boxes that we purchased. We added a few designs in addition to the base color, as well as some information about the drives, as well as a little bit about our team. One of the most important parts of the drive was picking where we would donate the proceeds that we collected. We picked Loudoun Interfaith Relief to donate what we collect from our drives to. We will be giving all of the proceeds to the charity around Thanksgiving.