Hosting Our Annual FLL Tournament

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The Eagle Ridge Middle School FLL Tournament is an FLL tournament that we have been hosting annually for more than 5 years. This year, we had over 20 teams come to participate and many volunteers from our families, to friends, and members of other FTC teams.

We set up the whole tournament on the day before the tournament. We had volunteers set up practice tables in one gymnasium and match tables in another gymnasium. We had to assemble each filed kit and perform quality control on each. We also transformed various classrooms into judging rooms.

Then on tournament day, we had more than 30 volunteers to run the tournament, many of which were judges, referees, and scorekeepers. We kept the tournament on schedule with the help of our awesome team of queuing volunteers. Every team there put forward an awesome effort. At the end of the day, we held the award ceremony where we gave out the various awards and sent a few teams to the VA state-level tournament.

The event was a big success and a very good opportunity for us to reach out to other people in the FIRST community and give back.