Cub Run Science Fair

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Our second time visiting the Cub Run Elementary Science Fair was a blast! We were able to inspire the school to add more STEM and robotics related activities through our robotics demonstrations.

The science fair allowed the students to identify a local problem and create a simple solution and create an exhibit to show off their discoveries. Their projects ranged from the classic baking soda volcanoes to projects on ways to increase cyber-security. Along with the kids, several teachers had put up activities such as a slime-making booth where the kids got to make their own slime.

We were invited to the science fair to display our FTC demo-bot. Our flashy robot, blinged out with colorful LEDs, was the center of attention. What really excited the kids was the tower-building we had set up. Taking a page from our Science Center event, the kids who were waiting in line, built block towers, which got to be knocked over as they were driving the robot.  As the children were waiting in line, we were also answering their questions. Many of them were very curious to learn about the connection between the phone on the robot and the driver station. Many of the parents also inquired how their children could get involved in FIRST programs.