Demoing Robots for Engineering Week

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To kick off National Engineering Week, the Children’s Science Center in Fairfax, Virginia, asked us to do a robot demo as a part of their Engineering Week Expo on February 20th. We demoed our LED-covered demo-bot, and came up with a new innovation in robotics– knocking down block towers.

We set up in the Science Center’s “garage,” which is really just their garage-style lab, with a 3 by 3 foam tile setup and a cool new ramp that we built, featuring our gear logo. While we were setting up, one of us found a bunch of wooden building blocks on a shelf. We started building towers just for fun, yet we kept them up when people started coming in too see the robot.

Once the children had started driving the robot, we challenged them to drive up the ramp, and knock down the block towers. We built some really tall towers, even with some on the ramp. It was a blast having the kids build and drive the robot, and all of the kids loved it. Multiple parents inquired about FIRST programs for their children.