Girls In Technology đź—“

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We’re excited to work with Girls In Technology for our fourth year in a row! Girls In Technology is a global nonprofit dedicated to getting young girls excited about learning and STEM, as well as introducing them to influential women and empowering them to follow their dreams. Girls in technology has over 50,000 members, and over 60 chapters throughout the … Read More

Food and Clothes Drive


As the 2015-26 recipients of the VA Inspire award, we believe that we should give back to the community, which is why we are hosting both a food and clothes drive at our schools and local workplaces. We contacted our potential locations and asking if they would be willing to place one of our donation boxes there. We decided that we would … Read More

Ashburn FLL Tournament đź—“ đź—ş

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Ashburn Robotics and Geared UP! host the Ashburn FLL Qualifier Tournament, the only qualifier in Loudoun County, as a way of giving back to the community that gave us such wonderful experiences and to give other children a chance to get involved in STEM. Each year, we coordinate 30+ volunteers and as many as 30 FLL teams in an exciting, … Read More

Meet Coach Mark


Coach Mark has been involved in FLL for the past 12 years.  He has been head coach of his own team since 2005.  He created Ashburn Robotics club to share his passion for FIRST and STEM related activities.  He enjoys teaching, outreach, building robots and creative problem solving.  He also enjoys “thinking outside of the box”.  By day he is … Read More

Meet Vishnu


Vishnu is a strategist, rule expert, and robot builder on Team Geared Up!. In his free time, he loves playing outdoors with his friends, playing video games, and reading up on any recent new science or technology breakthroughs. FIRST has helped him develop skills in areas such as public speaking, programming, modeling, and strategy. His favorite subject in school is Math and in the future he would like to pursue … Read More

Meet Sneha


Sneha is a robot builder for Geared UP!, as well as a visual designer. She enjoys reading things, writing short stories, solving puzzles, and learning about science. Outside of FTC, she enjoy playing piano and dancing. Sneha hopes to be either a writer or a chemical engineer in the future.

Meet Ritvik


Ritvik is a robot builder, rule expert, and programmer on Team Geared UP!. FIRST has helped him develop my skills in teamwork, public speaking, coding, and working with tools. Outside of FIRST, he loves competing in math competitions, reading, working and playing with remote control models, and playing the drumset. His favorite subject, in general, is aerospace. In the future, he would like to become … Read More

Meet Pranav


Pranav loves to read and can almost always found with a book. On Geared UP!, he is the team’s lead programmer and JAVA expert. He is also very interested in space, physics, and astrophysics (while also being addicted to the science channel). Pranav would like be an astronomer, an astrophysicist or have a technology-related job when he grows up.

Meet Jonathan


Jonathan is a robot builder and modeler on Geared UP!. He also likes to watch movies and play video games. Jonathan is very interested in space and in aerodynamics and loves history, specifically World War II era aircraft. When he grows up, Jonathan would like a job related to aircrafts or space with an emphasis in technology.