Troubleshooting Guide: Advantages to Rapid Prototyping

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Throughout the season, teams often want to quickly prototype and test different ideas for their robot or need a special part in their robot that cannot be obtained off-the-shelf. Teams often turn to rapid prototyping methods, most commonly 3-D printing and laser cutting. The first major advantage of these methods is quickly testing ideas before committing to them on a … Read More

Troubleshooting Guide: Troubleshooting Cascading Lifts

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With this year’s FTC challenge one of the biggest game elements is the cap ball and the mechanisms involved in lifting it. A lot of this article specifically is talking about the REV Robotics Linear Motion Kit and a few problems that can occur with it. The most common problems with the lift we experienced were items such as racking, … Read More

Troubleshooting Guide: Catapults, Flywheels, and Flickers

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As you may know, in this year’s challenge, Velocity Vortex, shooting the particles into the center  vortex will be a very important part of the game. There are many different ways to shoot the particles, but we decided to narrow them down to a list of three possible shooters so that you guys can compare which one would be the … Read More

PTC Creo vs. Dassault Systemes SolidWorks

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Disclaimer Hi my name is Jonathan, and I am going to be explaining the pros and cons of these CAD programs (using my limited experience in both programs). I am by no means an expert in either program, and these points are my personal opinions and experiences. We are in no way biased or favoring one software over another. SolidWorks … Read More

Troubleshooting Guide: Problems with Sensors and Encoders

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Have you ever had the problem of no readings from all of your motor and sensor encoders, and the wheels are running forever, or they are just not running at all? Here is some insight as to how to fix that: Check that all the encoder wires are plugged in facing the right direction. Our team has spent too much … Read More

Starting a Nonprofit Part 1: What is a Nonprofit?


We recently turned our parent group, Ashburn Robotics into a full nonprofit, something that a lot of teams have considered in the past. Nonprofits are great for getting sponsorship/fundraising from big corporations because everything they donate to the nonprofit is tax deductible. However, they also require some dedication, time and money. In the first part of this series, we go … Read More