Walker-Jones Scramble

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  On March 25th 2017, we attended the Walker-Jones DC FLL Scramble to mentor FLL-aged children on EV3 programming. There were a total of seven FLL teams, as well as a Jr.FLL team. They were all really enthusiastic kids with a budding passion for robotics. We demonstrated the line following program on our EV3 demo-bots. We used an old FLL … Read More

Demoing Robots for Engineering Week

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To kick off National Engineering Week, the Children’s Science Center in Fairfax, Virginia, asked us to do a robot demo as a part of their Engineering Week Expo on February 20th. We demoed our LED-covered demo-bot, and came up with a new innovation in robotics– knocking down block towers. We set up in the Science Center’s “garage,” which is really … Read More

Cub Run Science Fair

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Our second time visiting the Cub Run Elementary Science Fair was a blast! We were able to inspire the school to add more STEM and robotics related activities through our robotics demonstrations. The science fair allowed the students to identify a local problem and create a simple solution and create an exhibit to show off their discoveries. Their projects ranged … Read More

Mentoring the FIRST Global Team From Italy

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As a FIRST ambassador team, we do many hours of outreach every season, and a big part of that is mentoring FIRST teams. That’s why we have taken steps to mentor a team in FIRST’s newest program-FIRST Global. This year, FIRST has taken a huge step to promote STEM and robotics around the world through the Olympic-style competition of FIRST … Read More

Hosting Our Annual FLL Tournament

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The Eagle Ridge Middle School FLL Tournament is an FLL tournament that we have been hosting annually for more than 5 years. This year, we had over 20 teams come to participate and many volunteers from our families, to friends, and members of other FTC teams. We set up the whole tournament on the day before the tournament. We had … Read More

Troubleshooting Guide: Servo Issues

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We have been experiencing issues with setting the position of servos on our robot , specifically on the HiTech 785 servos. Through various testing we were able to solve this issue. By first extending the range in the core device discovery software, then adjusting the positions in the program, we were able to extend and retract one servo. Then, when … Read More

Orbital Visit

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This year, team Geared Up! Has added Orbital ATK as a new sponsor. Along with our wonderful mentor and considerable grant, we were also invited to a tour of Orbital ATK’s Satellite Manufacturing Facility. In mid-November, Team Geared UP!, along with a few other local teams, visited the facility. There, we were split into two groups. One would see the … Read More

Showcasing STEM at Girls in Technology

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Girls in Tech (GIT) is a global non-profit , was begun by Adriana Gascoigne in 2007 to create an opportunity for women to in STEM fields. With headquarters in San Francisco and over 50,000 members located around the globe, GIT is run by volunteers in 60 local chapters. At the various events they host, you can expect fun, interesting and … Read More

STEM 3G Demo

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Several of our team members conducted a robotics demo on October 30th, 2016 as part of a program run through an organization ,which we met at the Step Up Loudoun Youth Competition, called STEM 3G. STEM 3G is a program that allows high school students to teach young girls about STEM through educational and team building exercises. We met these … Read More

Volunteering at InMed

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After our Super Regional tournament, we attended Step Up Loudoun, a STEM focused event, where we met the first place recipient FTC team, PASTA, who we had established contact with prior to the finals. We kept in touch after the event and eventually, we were able to find a community service opportunity that we could work on together. We settled … Read More