Walker-Jones Scramble

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  On March 25th 2017, we attended the Walker-Jones DC FLL Scramble to mentor FLL-aged children on EV3 programming. There were a total of seven FLL teams, as well as a Jr.FLL team. They were all really enthusiastic kids with a budding passion for robotics. We demonstrated the line following program on our EV3 demo-bots. We used an old FLL … Read More

Mentoring the FIRST Global Team From Italy

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As a FIRST ambassador team, we do many hours of outreach every season, and a big part of that is mentoring FIRST teams. That’s why we have taken steps to mentor a team in FIRST’s newest program-FIRST Global. This year, FIRST has taken a huge step to promote STEM and robotics around the world through the Olympic-style competition of FIRST … Read More